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Hi there and welcome to my blogsite! Please make yourself at home and take a look around. If you have any questions, my inbox is always open so email me today!

My favorite part about photography is being able to use images to tell a story. The perfect image to me is one that invites the viewer to think, question, and want to know more.

I invite you to tell your story with me. Life moves quickly these days and before you know it, an opportunity may have past. Do not let one more moment pass. Email me so we can create your story today so you can share it tomorrow.

For Photographers

I am an entirely self taught photographer. And not only that, it wasn’t until about 18 months after I got my DSLR, that I picked up and read a photography book. I’ve relied almost exclusively on the internet and the kindness of the other photographers out there who have generously shared their knowledge for free.

Here is a resource list for your reading pleasure. Keep in mind that this is geared towards those shooting with DSLRs and editing with a Photoshop (both CS and Elements) program. However, if you are truly interested in photography, I think you’ll find some good information here regardless of what you shoot or edit with.

If you find a tutorial, action, preset, etc. useful, please leave a comment and thank the author!

If you have a tutorial that you found useful and/or wrote and think it should be added to the list, please send me an email with the link(s). If you would like to be considered for the “inspiration” section, please send me an email with the link to your portfolio and/or website/blog.

And without further ado, I preset “the list.” Enjoy!

Basics of Shooting

ISO Settings by MckMama

ISO Settings by Rachel Durik

Shutter Speed by Rachel Durik

Exposure Illustrated

Aperture by Rachel Durik

Macro Shots

Shooting in JPEG

ISO and Noise

Intro to Aperture

Shooting in RAW

Discovering Lenes

Using the Histogram on Your Camera

Understanding Shutter Speed

Blurry Backgrounds

Understanding Camera Lenses

Using a Gray Card

Shooting in RAW by Rachel Durik

Fill Flash


Basics of Editing (Photoshop and Photoshop Elements)

Intro to Editing (Using Layer Masks)

Basics of Cropping

Using Textures

Using Clipping Masks (Elements)

Converting to B&W in Elements (PDF)

Adding Texture by Andrea Riley (Elements)

Boosting Color

Replacing Color (Elements)

Making Eyes Pop (Elements)

Clipping Masks Unmasked

Skin Retouching (Photoshop)

Blurry Blackgrounds

Replacing Color (CS4 Video)

RAW to the Next Level

Making Your Own Actions (Photoshop Only)

Dodge and Burn Tool (Elements)

Combining Exposures

Clipping Masks (Elements)

Using Brushes

Making Eyes Pop

Shine Be Gone! (CS4 Video)

Blurry Backgrounds in GIMP

Lighten, Darken, Pop

Smoothing Skin (CS4 Video)

Gradient Map Adjustment Layer

Vignette Effect

Enhancing Eyelashes (Elements)


Other Editing Resouces

Vellum Overlay

Creating Story Boards

Adding Borders

How to Make Rounded Edges

Navy Blue Exclusion Layer (Vintage technique)

Conquering Actions


Lightroom Resrouces

X-Equals Presets

Making Eyes Pop

Presets Heaven

Batch Resizing

Intro to Plug-Ins

Creating Web Slideshows

Adobe Video Tutorials

Creating Droplets from PS Actions


Other Photography Resources

Coffee Shop Storyboards

Shooting with Overexposure

Making Your Own Watermark

Shortcut for Installing Actions in PSE

Goodies from Coffee Shop

Subtle Watermarking

Shooting Silhouettes

Color Schemer

Make Your Own Camera Strap

Photoshop Shortcuts (PDF)

MCP Actions Video How To Collection

Tips for Capturing Newborns

Elements 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Michael’s Photography School

Tips and Trick from Nikon

Handwriting and Scrapbooking Fonts by Kevin and Amanda


Free Editing Programs




Photoshop Express


Free Textures

Set 1 and Set 2 compiled by Jasen Robillard

Volume 1Volume 2, and Zabriskie Textures by ground*floor

Textures by lepiaf.geo

Coffee Shop Textures

Shadowhouse Creations Textures

Ishtexture by Ishkamina


Free Brushes

Shadowhouse Creations Brushes


Wow Brushes

Brush King

123 Free Brushes


Free Actions

Coffee Shop Actions (Photoshop/Elements 6 & up)( Installation Instructions)

Pioneer Woman Actions Sets 1 & 2 (Photoshop/Elements)

MCP Free Actions (Photoshop/Elements)

Texas Chicks Actions (Elements)

Mulletgod’s Actions (Photoshop Only)

Smashing Magazine’s Actions (Photoshop Only)



O2 Photography

Jessica Claire Photography

Heather Nan Photography

Any Wenzel Photography

Susan Keller Photography

Simplicity Photography

Savor Photography

Tara Whitney

Jasmine Star

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