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Winter Deja vu

Didn’t we just do this last year?

I thought for sure we had paid our dues for the next decade after last year’s 80 inches.

Guess not.

Although the snow fall amounts weren’t really all that high, it was really the timing of the storm that made it so catastrophic. We got about 4 inches in the morning, but it was out of here by 10:00 or so, which meant most people went into work. However, the brunt of the storm started right in the middle of rush hour as everyone was trying to get home. We had thundershow, which dumped almost a foot in just a few hours. It started as rain, and then with a flash of lightning and clap of thunder, it instantly changed to snow. It was so bizarre.

As we dug out yesterday, it was like deja vu. Seemed like we had done this all before.

Wait, we had.

My poor little Sheltie was built for the cold, but not the snow. She hates it and I don’t blame her with those short little legs.

While waiting for the snow plow some of us had a beer. I liked the fact that I could sip it as long as I wanted to without worry of it getting warm.

Living on a court presents its challenges when getting plowed. We are tucked back into our neighborhood and have frequently seen plows drive by and skip us. Or do a very so-so job. We thought we had been skipped when we saw a plow go by twice and then leave. Turns out he was having issues on the hill up to us and called for a truck with chains and a full load of salt brine.

We usually greet a plow truck driver with a variety of treats from the neighbors. We find it is highly effective for getting us plowed out how we want. We usually have a plan that we have come up with as to where to put the snow so that everyone is left with space to park and having such a tight area it needs to be followed. Usually all the neighbors will come wandering out as soon as we hear the plow getting close. Someone then gives the directions and we all stand around and watch.

So after another exciting day of digging and good times with neighbors, we all headed in to defrost. Mission accomplished.

Just another day in paradise…

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