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Hi there and welcome to my blogsite! Please make yourself at home and take a look around. If you have any questions, my inbox is always open so email me today!

My favorite part about photography is being able to use images to tell a story. The perfect image to me is one that invites the viewer to think, question, and want to know more.

I invite you to tell your story with me. Life moves quickly these days and before you know it, an opportunity may have past. Do not let one more moment pass. Email me so we can create your story today so you can share it tomorrow.

Frozen at Sunset

I live down the road from one of our county reservoirs. Basically it’s a large man made lake. The other day I was driving by, right at sunset and as I drove over the bridge I noticed how pretty the light was on the ice. I had my camera in the car and decided to pull over and take a few shots.

Now I’ve driven over the bridge on an at least weekly basis for over 10 years now, but I’ve never actually walked out on it. It was about 10 degrees outside (real feel was below 0 degrees though) and I misestimated how long it was actually going to take to walk out there. I sure does seem a lot shorter when you drive by. Silly me, even though I always keep a heavy hat and gloves in the car during the winter, only had on thin, fingerless gloves and no hat. Cause you know, I wasn’t going to be out that long. Let’s just say the defrosting in my car for the rest of the drive was very painful. I was shooting so quickly I wasn’t really checking what I was getting, so I was happy to see I did get some good stuff out of it.

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