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My favorite part about photography is being able to use images to tell a story. The perfect image to me is one that invites the viewer to think, question, and want to know more.

I invite you to tell your story with me. Life moves quickly these days and before you know it, an opportunity may have past. Do not let one more moment pass. Email me so we can create your story today so you can share it tomorrow.

Archive: January, 2012

Newsletter and a Giveaway

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

New for 2011…

A newsletter!

Yes, I’m being daring and am going to plan on sending out a bi-monthly newsletter via email.

What will be inside?

Information on new offers and products, giveaways, and discounts (some which might be exclusive to newsletter subscribers). Articles about photography and how to get the most out of custom photography, as well as articles about some of my clients, past and present.

What do you get out of it?

Well first off, loads of information, but second, if you subscribe by the end of January, you’ll be entered to win a free session! Yes, a free session! You’ll also¬†receive¬†30% off a print package of your choice!

Want more than on entry?

Recommend friends! Share the link on your Facebook page, Tweet it to your local friends, send out mass emails. Whatever you have to do. Just make sure you tell your friends to say they heard about it from you so I can give you that additional entry.

Use the form below to sign up! Just put NEWSLETTER in the subject and “sign me up!” in the message.

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Good luck! You have till January 31st!


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